RTB - Alarms Enhancing Productivity

RTB - Alarms Enhancing Productivity

Upcoming Feature - Alarms!

You're probably wondering how Raise the Bar could help you be even more productive. Well, I'm here to tell you the obvious answer: ALARMS!

Alarms are a relatively new addition for us that quickly took shape. To be honest, it probably should have dawned on us sooner. But hey, better now than never.

Once we finish the rest of our new features (like Notes, Enhanced Repeatables, and Deadlines), then you'll be setting alarms for all of those activities that need more nagging than a simple notification!

Raise The Bar - Alarm Settings Screen

So what do they do?

Well, they alert you of things that you don't want to miss. Need to wake up and run at 8:45AM (we can't all be morning people, okay?). Simply set an alarm and have that bad boy play your favorite song when you need it (that you'll inevitably hate after too many early mornings).

We even decided to design the alarm's active state to mimic your bar. So while your alarm is going off, you can choose to raise your bar (by swiping to the right) to stop the alarm, or lower your bar (by swiping to the left) to snooze your alarm. No pressure.

I know alarms aren't exactly a ground breaking advancement, but we strongly feel that some things require more attention than the subtle nudge of a notification. And maybe you already track those sort of things. The difference is, now you can set up an increasingly customized schedule, while holding yourself more accountable to it.

Here are just a few examples of bars that could benefit from an alarm (keep in mind these could be List bars, Goal bars, or Level Up bars):

  • Pay Bills
  • Medication
  • Gym
  • Call a Friend
  • Prayer
  • Chores
  • TV Show
  • Flossing
  • Productivity Hour
  • Social Media Posts
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Feed the Cat
  • Raiding
Alarm Settings

Simplicity often makes things more functional and accessible for more people, so we don't like to overcomplicate things. We're also the type that likes to make it our own through customization. After all, if it's mine, let me customize it to feel like it's mine!

So keeping in mind both sides of the spectrum, we're giving our users just enough options to have a little fun. Check it out:

Raise The Bar - Alarm Settings Page

Turn your alarm on. Set your time. Choose which days of the week you'd like your alarm to be active for. Pick a name for your alarm (if you haven't noticed, I have to tell myself to wake up and run a lot). And lastly, pick your wonderful alarm tune.

In the future, we may think about the ability to add several alarms for a single bar, much like most alarm clock apps. We haven't decided if that feature is overkill or a necessity yet, so we'll wait to hear some feedback from our users after our release.

Note to iOS Users: Our apple friends won't be getting alarms as quickly as android. The big upcoming revamp will come a lot sooner if we don't have to figure out ios Alarms (as Apple doesn't play too friendly with 3rd party alarm apps, or even with notifications, which is frustrating to say the least). But we'll be trying our best to figure out what actually IS possible, and implementing it the best we can in a future update.

TL;DR - Alarms get your attention more than notifications.
Raise the Bar will have them soon! :)