RTB Version 3.0 - Android

The NEW Raise The Bar!!

I know, it's been forever.
But we literally rewrote AND redesigned the entire app from scratch.

Let's cut to the chase. Here's what's new:

  • Accounts - Create one to sync your data.
  • Data Backup - Our #1 requested feature! Woo!
  • Multi-device sync - Use your account on ALL your gadgets!
  • Notes - You can finally write about how those 100 pushups made you feel.
  • Alarms - Think of them as really long notifications that you have to turn off.
  • Difficulty - Level-up bars now have Easy/Medium/Hard for slightly more customization.
  • Enhanced Stats - We changed some functionality to make it more...functional. Also, WAY better calendar view.
  • Enhanced Repeatables - You can now super-customize how often your bar resets, thanks to handy weekday-pickers.
  • New Settings Page - Our old one was ugly. New Year New Me.
  • In-app Changelogs - Like you're currently reading, now brought straight to your face when they happen.
  • Random Colors - More colors! Now with less random, and more pretty!
  • Terms of Service! - We needed one, so here it is: Terms of Service.
  • Privacy Policy - And one of these too: Privacy Policy.

Bug Fixes

I apologize; we sat on quite a few bugs for a long time, but we're pretty sure ALL most of them are fixed now:

  • Monthly stat view
  • Invisible selection menu
  • Repeatables not repeating (seriously, this one is a pain and hard to test, so let us know if it's not working correctly)
  • Keyboard auto-dropping
  • Bar name not auto-capitalizing
  • Suggestions should always populate now
  • Stats should visually stick around after editing them in Calendar View
  • Timers/Notifications crashes
  • FAQ/Support Crashes
  • Bar name overflow
  • Probably a million more, that I can't even remember because it's been so long...


We had to remove a couple of things FOR THE SHORT TERM. We apologize. But the update was just too huge to do everything. Expect some rolling updates to bring us gradually back to speed.

Things we're working on:

  • Deadlines (that actually do something this time)
  • Widgets (sorry, they're a HUGE time suck)
  • Data for List Bars
  • Slightly Better stats/calendars (they can get weird, in a bad way)
  • Some sort of tutorial (on-boarding is hard. once it functions, we'll try to tell you how it functions)
  • Cutting down to a Single App (Free, with an in-app purchase)
  • Premium Subscription (the in-app purchase I just mentioned)
  • This blog (too meta?)

Note to iOS Users: Our apple friends are getting regular updates including new features and bug fixes too! Stay tuned for their update, including new account settings, editing bar names, and bug and crash fixes!

TL;DR - Everything is new. ALL OF IT. Enjoy!